Matthew Ian Nowlin


Indy Metrics GIS Web App

To track neighborhood health, this app maps mortgage and business data as a proxy for census data. The app is both powerful and user friendly, opening up GIS data and neighborhood analysis to citizens and organizations that could not afford GIS capabilities.

Market Analysis

This report focuses on market analysis in Indianapolis’ Fountain Square neighborhood. Overall trends show no population growth in the area. However, when demand is segmented by age and income, it is clear that growth is expected for households earning $50K-$100K and with ages between 25 and 44. This growth is translated into demand for housing. Specific recommendations are then given for how many and what kind of units to build.


Rushville Downtown Strategic Plan

Developed as part of Indiana's My Community, My Vision program, this plan strives to improve quality of life in order to retain Rushville's youth population. My role: I was the sole author of the plan.

Shelby Street Redevelopment Plan

This redevelopment plan for Indianapolis' Shelby Street corridor calls for an extension of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that reaches University of Indianapolis. Dense, mixed-use development is proposed, with the new multi-use trail and proposed Bus Rapid Transit as a catalyst for redevelopment. My role: I was co-author of this plan, created the graphics, and co-designed the document.

Gilbert Neighborhood Plan

Muncie's Gilbert neighborhood is in decline, but is near Downtown and many other assets. This plan calls for a minor league ballpark (including a detailed analysis of how that investment would be structured and what impact it would have), as well as maker space. These two catalytic investments will reinvigorate the neighborhood's economy. My role: I was co-author of this plan, created most of the graphics, and designed the document. Cover image by Lohren Deeg.